Some examples of song sets performed so far:

  • Päike ikka paistma jääb
    And the sun will always shine – new arrangements of KustasKikerpuu’s songs
  • Aeg ei peatu
    Time does not stop – a set of songs with lyrics by OttArder
  • Öö valgus
    Night light – Helin-Mari’s original songs with lyrics by Eeva Park; the concert can be organised in co-operation with the poet
  • Mu süda ärka üles
    Wake up, o heart of mine – Estonian folk and spiritual songs, arranged by Siim Aimla
  • Kuulates Legrand’i
    Listening to Legrand – a set of songs by the great master of melody, mostly in English, but also in French, Estonian and Spanish
  • Meu Brazil / Nosso Brazil
    a set of Brazilian music (with a handful of songs in the same vein from other places)
  • Café Anglais
    a set of Helin-Mari’s own songs
  • Suvine samba
    Summertime samba – a set of summery songs from Estonia and elsewhere
  • Elust endast
    From life itself – music by the guitarist-singer Tiit Born, the band consisting of Helin-Mari, Tiit, and TeetRaik on the trumpet
  • La chanson – C’est si bon!
    a set of French chansons together with the accordionist JaakLutsoja and TeetRaik (guitar, trumpet)
  • Avarsinise taeva ja laulude tund
    An hour of clear blue sky and songs – joint concert project by Helin-Mari Arderi trio and the Tallinn Old Town Mixed Choir
  • ”1001 ööd ja ballaadid”
    1001 nights and ballads – new, groovy versions of old Arabian, Egyptian and Persian love songs, and also love songs from elsewhere (Slovak, Gaelic, Corsican, Cymru, etc).

helin-mari-soovid-muusikatStanding on stage in front of an audience and being able to hear а pin drop is certainly the most magnificent experience for an artist. Still, in addition to concerts, there are many other events that music can make more memorable. Our music has played at birthdays, jubilees, weddings, receptions big and small, clientele events, opening events, dinners, etc. On many occasions, we have even taken music to people’s homes – into their living rooms.

The size of the ensemble depends mostly on the client’s wishes. For a more chamber-like concert or small interludes (for instance between speeches at an official event), a duo (vocals and the guitar) could fit the bill, for larger rooms and a more sizeable audience a trio, a quartet, or even a quintet could be more suitable. Bigger and smaller bands alike can create a pleasant atmosphere, but should one have a desire to dance, one should consider a bigger band (starting with a quartet and a quintet).

Some words about the repertoire. This can certainly be left to the discretion of the singer and the band, but should you have particular wishes, you should discuss them with the performers. We have a variety of song sets and we can also create a set especially according to your wishes (for example a set completely in Estonian, a set of Brazilian music, or a set comprising only Christmas and winter songs).


Those who wish the band to perform music to dance to should take note that our music will remain within certain boundaries. Our repertoire includes songs by Estonian composers (Valgre, Kikerpuu, Naissoo, Ojakäär and others), also songs written by the band members themselves, bossanovas and sambas from Brazil and elsewhere (Ipanema, Wave, One Note Samba, Jazz’n Samba, etc.).

In addition to those, we perform swing tunes from various countries, evergreen melodies and older Latin hits (Blue Moon, Fly Me to the Moon, Quando, Besame Mucho, Sway, Volare, etc.), and classic chansons (C’estsi Bon, La Vie en Rose). Most of the songs are in their original language (Estonian, English, Italian, French, Spanish, etc.), and the choice is quite varied.

The set can certainly be made either less or more varied if desired, and on request we have also played some songs from outside of our usualrepertoire, whichfit our style.

musical ensembles


  • vocals, guitar, double bass
  • vocals, trumpet (or saxophone), guitar
  • vocals, guitar, percussion


  • vocals, trumpet (or saxophone), guitar, double bass
  • vocals, guitar, double bass, drums (or percussion)


  • vocals, trumpet (or saxophone), guitar, double bass, drums
  • vocals, trumpet (or saxophone), guitar, double bass, percussion


  • vocals, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, double bass, drums
  • vocals, trumpet (or saxophone), guitar, double bass, drums, percussion


  • vocals, trumpet, saxophone, guitar, double bass, drums, percussion

…and so forth.